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Anabolic Turinabol on their chemical structure and effect is very similar to methandrostenolone. Its properties affect the muscle tissue will be appreciated by those who care about their health, and not after a quick result.

For the first time on the market Turinabol appeared in the 60s and destined only for track and field athletes. In the complete absence of side effects observed a great increase in strength and speed. In short, Turinabol steroid considered among the safest anabolic available today.

Host Course Turinabol solo athletes never say at the presence of side effects of drugs peers. This was made possible thanks to the fact that this substance in the body is not flavored, that is, its basis is not converted into estrogen. Details

Reviews of course Turinabol confirm that the power rates, growth and body weight relief, though not progressing very quickly, but stored for a long time. In addition, the use of Turinabol reduces the likelihood of blood clots in the cardiovascular system.

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How to take Turinabol

On Turinabol anabolic market is represented only by yelling, ie tablets. About how best to take Turinabol, you need to consult with experts, many of whom recommend taking the drug no more than two times a day. For the duration of dosing scheme designed usually for 1-2 months. can not be longer because You can provoke an overload of the liver – in that all the side effects from Turinabol.

As described in the instructions and reviews Turinabol yelling does not alter its effects and the action of the parallel reception of other anabolic steroids, while it can also be used solo. When muscle mass set this medication is often used to injecting testosterone or nandrolone for the rapid buildup of mass and muscle fills with water. During drying Turinabol to minimize its adverse effects on the liver taken in conjunction with stanozolol.

Turinabol Where to buy?

Today almost every online store offers to buy Turinabol steroid tablets. However, you should be careful – not all sellers sell high-quality products. Here you can order yelling Turinabol for the course with other drugs or solo. We provide competitive prices and quality assurance, which is confirmed by many reviews on our site.

In our catalog you can buy tablets Turinabol from manufacturers such as Luke Labs (Lyka Labs), British Dispensary, British Dragon and Farmacom. All these companies have proved themselves as suppliers of high-quality and effective products.

Buy Turinabol: tips and recommendations

Manufacturers: Balkan Pharma, British Dispensary, Lyka Labs, Golden Dragon, Olimp labs, British Dragon, Vermodje

Product: Blister of 20 tablets of 10 mg Packaging 100 capsules of 10 mg

Active ingredient: chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, hlordigidrometiltestosteron

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Summary of product characteristics:

  • Active time: 16 hours
  • Drug Class: Anabolic (androgens) steroid
  • Dosage: 10-50 mg / day for males and 2-5 (10) mg / day for women
  • Acne – there
  • Water retention in the body – there is no
  • The increase in blood pressure – have
  • Hepatotoxicity – have
  • Aromatization – no
  • DHT conversion – no
  • HPTA suppression function – have

Turinabol – an anabolic steroid, testosterone modification, similar in chemical structure and produced effect to methandrostenolone. It features a content additional chlorine atom.

Admission Turinabol leads to a significant increase in lean body mass, increase in power performance, speed and endurance.

With the additional chlorine atom, Turinabol has less androgenic effect and reduces aromatization. Although lower compared to methandienone, anabolic effect Turinabol is more balanced in its androgenic effects.

Benefits yelling Turinabol:

  1. Low androgenic effect, along with excellent anabolic effect.
  2. High levels of calcium in the bones
  3. Fast Protein Synthesis, slowing disintegration amino, nitrogen, potassium and phosphate are retained in the body.
  4. The positive influence on the formation of blood platelets, leukocytes and erythrocytes
  5. Restore your own level of testosterone in the blood is not later than 5 days after stopping treatment
  6. To identify the presence of the drug in the blood after 4-5 days after discontinuation of the impossible

Turinabol, instructions for use

How to take Turinabol can be calculated using the formula: 0.4 mg x own weight in kg = daily dose.

On average, male athletes recommended intake of 10-50 mg per day deadline should not exceed 6-8 weeks. Turinabol is considered an ideal drug for athletes who need strength, endurance and speed.

Turinabol dosage for women is 5-15 mg a day. Because of the hepatoxicity drug deadline should not exceed 4-6 weeks.

Turinabol: side effects

Turinabol main danger lies in the fact that it is toxic to the liver. In this connection, it is recommended not to exceed the recommended dosage and duration of treatment. Read more

Due to the absence flavoring and low estrogenic activity, most of the side effects typical for steroids, is avoided.

Turinabol is contraindicated in people with kidney and liver failure, cancer, pregnancy and lactation.

In general, it all depends on the individual.

Turinabol Where to buy?

Buy Turinabol securely and anonymously can we, the online store In addition, you get free tips on how to take the drug and to do without the side effects.

Turinabol for sale: properties, effectiveness and dosage

Turinabol (in the common people, “Turik”) still some call the younger brother of methandienone. Since it is similar to methane in structure and effects on the body. From the methane it features only an additional chlorine atom in the 4-position. However, some significant differences in effectiveness yet available.

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Turinabol was developed in Germany in the 60s. Initially it was used only in athletics. And both men and women. The results were very good. In the absence of side effects observed a good increase in strength and speed. Eventually turinobol become widely used power sports athletes.

Properties and features

  1. As oskandrolon, Turinabol absolutely flavored (not converted into estrogen). This is good and bad at the same time. The advantage is that with such a property, it is not necessary to post-cycle treatment (PCT). Since the body does not have elevated estrogen levels. This means that completely absent side effects such as gynecomastia, acne and so on. D. The downside is that muscle mass and body weight as a whole is growing worse. Since no flavoring always adversely affects the growth of the mass.
  1. You will not fill with water. That is all the weight that you type on Turinabol – it will be muscle. When compared to the methane, the weight gain on Turinabol goes about 2 times slower. But the probability is high that after the end of the course all gained weight will stay with you. In other words, you are slowly but surely gaining lean muscle. How slow? Well, an average of 3 kg per month.
  1. If methane suppresses testosterone production by 60% – 70%, oxandrolone does not suppress, the Turinabol inhibits about 20% – 30%. What is not so important. And experience shows that their level of testosterone is reduced about one week after the end of the course.
  1. Half-life of 16 hours at Turinabol. That is, it is desirable to drink 1 – 2 times a day. It is better to 2 times to hormones was constantly on the same level.
  1. People who take it, often report a strong increase in libido. It is understandable. Because testosterone production have not changed much. And plus added more top at the expense of this steroid. And this applies to both sexes. The same effect I observed when using oxandrolone (for the same reasons). And the sword was smoking constantly))
  1. As with all tablet formulations, Turinabol toxic to the liver. This toxicity is similar to methane. As a rule, people who do not have liver problems, do not have them, and when receiving Turinabol.

Did you know:

Hour and a half workout in the gym takes an average of 400 kcal (Calculation of energy consumption per workout). MORE →

Application area

From the properties and characteristics of the anabolic steroid logically follows and its scope.

  1. Turinabol is well suited for weightlifters and pauerliftёrov. That is where you need growth force without significant increase in mass. In addition, Turinabol rapidly excreted from the body (for about 7 days). Therefore, it is very convenient to be supplied to the competition.
  1. Because of minimal side effects and minimal suppression of testosterone, this drug is well suited for those who first decided to try anabolic steroids. And for young athletes. After more than to interfere with the hormonal system during adolescence, the more complications can be obtained in the future. Turinobol same for their harmlessness is in second place post oxandrolone.
  1. More experienced athletes in terms of pharmacology Turinabol used as a “bridge” between the main courses of steroids to rest the body.
  1. In the women’s sport is considered a relatively harmless drug. And if it does not reach to the ultra-high doses, it does not lead to virilization and other purely feminine negative consequences. For example, in athletics is quite normal for a woman considered to be 20 mg per day.
  1. Lack of water retention does Turinabol quite suitable for drying. For example, in conjunction with stanozolol.

Dosage and method of use

As I wrote above, it is desirable to take Turinabol 2 times a day (morning and evening). For adult men is usually 30 – 50 mg per day. For teens and women – 20 mg. If reception Turinabol sense to increase to 100 mg. Further already experts do not advise.

For the duration of the periods usually used in 1 – 2 months. Since muscle mass is growing rather slowly, I do not see any reason to take it less than 3 weeks. And for more than 2 months is not desirable, so as not to overload the liver.

Turinabol, as well as the majority of steroids, it is possible to take a solo. If you take only his, the need for post-cycle therapy is not (provided that you have everything in order with the liver). Since testosterone production is restored within 7 days after the end of the course.

When you set the weight of the drug is often used with testosterone, nandrolone or any other injectable drugs, which grow quite rapidly fills muscle mass and water. This ligament is used to the fact that the muscles get better.

During drying Turinabol can be used with stanozolol (better injection) to less burden the liver. Naturally, in any dosage conjunction Turinabol should be somewhat less than when used solo.

Specific Drugs

Somewhere I read that there is an injectable Turinabol. But in Russia it either does not occur or is extremely rare. Therefore, we will consider only the tablet form. Details

In general, this drug is 2 times more expensive than methane, and 100 tablets of 10 mg will cost you about 1500 – 2000 rubles. Therefore, as a rule, those who want “cheap and cheerful” choose methane. But we should not forget that the weight of plums (rollback), after completing the course at Turinabol is much less than that of methane (and sometimes non-existent).

Here I want to bring three firms, drugs which are quite common in Russia. And all of these firms are already fairly well established, and they cost about the same.

  • «Turinabol-zhengzhou» Chinese company «Zhengzhou Pharmaceuticals».
  • «Turanabol» Balkan company «Balkan Pharmaceuticals».
  • «Turinaver» Moldovan company «Vermodje».

By the way, a small minus Turinabol is that it is easy and quite often counterfeited. Put in place a regular Turinabol methandienone than reduce the cost of the product twice. And if you are from the “Turik” suddenly start to fill with water, then you know it is methane.


In general, I can say, is good preparation. It will be appreciated by those who are not chasing fast results and cares about their health. More recently it has been difficult to obtain in Russia, and it was not as widespread as it is now. But lately, it is rapidly gaining momentum. Especially among weightlifters and pauerliftёrov. Details

If you want to try Turinabol solo, begin to start to take 2 tablets 2 times daily for 1 – 1.5 months. I think that 4 kg of muscle you escalate. And it’s not so little. Given that almost all of them will stay with you after the course. Only it is desirable that at the time of course you had a girlfriend. And then hand erased))

Beginners and young people, I want to say that before you buy anabolic steroids, read the article: Why beginners and teenagers should not take anabolic steroids. Since I personally have rather negative attitude to the use of anabolic steroids such people.

Expert Opinion

Alex – Consultant site

The article describes the features of the application Turinabol to build muscle. Despite the fact that this drug was originally used mainly in track and field, now it is actively used in power sports. In my opinion, Turinabol is a really effective drug with the least side effects on that emphasis in this article.

Previously, in our country it almost was not, but he is no less common than methandienone. Of course, Turinabol is more than twice as much methane. Particularly, 100 mg tablets 10 will cost no less than 1500 rubles. But on Turinabol hardly celebrated mass pullback after the reception, which distinguishes it from methandienone. The article indicated the trade name Turinabol commercially available in our country.

Important! Site “Your Coach” does not sell and does not call for use of anabolic steroids and other potent substances. The information is provided to those who still decided to take them, making it the most competently and with minimal risk to health.


Turinabol online: reviews and instruction

Composition of the course: Turinabol Balkan Pharmaceuticals (active substance methandienone) + Clomid Balkan Pharmaceuticals (active substance clomiphene citrate)

The course includes: 180 Turinabol pills and 20 pills Clomid on PCT (post-cycle therapy, or “exit”)

Duration: 5 weeks + 3 weeks FCT

Turinabol (hlordegidrometiltestosterona) – a drug that is very similar to methandrostenolone chemical structure. In fact, it improved methandrostenolone. Effect of Turinabol, however, significantly different from the effect of methane. Off course Turinabol solos do not expect a significant gain in weight (not zhikost delays in the body), but we have increase endurance, strength and speed + minimal risk to get pobochki.turinabol for sale

For whom is suitable course Turinabol:

Primarily for athletes in sports where speed is important, agility and endurance (light and heavy athletics, swimming, martial arts). In contrast to the rate of methane solo we get a minimal weight gain. From solo stanazolola course we get almost the same, but the camp of dry binder and there is great risk of injury from Turik this problem will not be. Details

The effect of the rate Turinabol solo:

  • weight gain of 2-3 kg (subject to the regime of exercise and proper nutrition on the course)
  • power performance gains of 12-15 kg of basic exercises (taking the average, but individual thing)
  • increase stamina
  • speed increase

This is perhaps the main effects on the course Turinabol. I have to say that the rapid effect, as is the case with the rate of methane or Anadrol, is not expected. All figures are progressing slowly, but we will get better results with minimal back after the course.

How to take a course Turinabol solo:

Detailed regimen methane solo can be downloaded here

Turinabol (hlordegidrometiltestosterona) shall be made within 36 days to 5 tablets per day: 2 morning, 2 at 18.00 and one at night.

Clomid (clomiphene) accept at FCT. The first 2 days on 2 tab. (morning and evening on a tablet), followed by 12 days of 1 tablet. The last 8 days 0,5 tablets. Those. gradually reduce the dosage.

Why is the post-cycle therapy, we use Clomid, but not tamoxifen? Because the latter is more toxic and can cause undesirable side effects (erectile dysfunction, and the possibility of cataract)

Course Turinabol side effects:

The main advantage of Turinabol to Anadrol and methane is that Turik not flavored. Those. there is no way to catch gynecomastia on the course. At such dosages virtually eliminated any manifestation pobochek. With regard to the burden on the liver, it is minimal, a healthy person can easily tolerate such a burden. If you have liver problems, after the course, you can drink or liv52 Kars, which are sold in pharmacies.

How to eat in the course of methane solo Read more here

Work should be 3-4 times a week, every other day. The standard training program for 45 minutes. But look at your state, some do not have time to recover for the time and can reduce the number of workouts.

Please also see our other courses of steroids for beginners might pick up something for yourself.

Turinabol course for beginners|Turinabol for sale

Turinabol buy online

It’s time to introduce you to another, without a doubt, a worthy representative of the family of anabolic steroids, drugs called Turinabol (Turanabol) manufactured by Balkan.

I will make a small excursion into the history of the emergence of the drug and a brief description of its pharmacological characteristics.

Do you realize Turanabol – is the trade name of the substance hlordigidrometil-testosterone. The first samples of this material were synthesized in a friendly, the Council of the Country – Germany back in 1964, and two years later, oralturinabol, so named his creation the company VEB Jenafarm, vengeance was used by German athletes and athletes. Characteristically, due to its low androgenic activity – only 50 percent of testosterone, Turinabol was used and women.

The drug proved to be effective in the 1972 Olympics in Munich, when athletes from East Germany won the third largest number of winning gold, as well as the total number of medals. Costing its capitalist rival – Germany. Details

In general, you can characterize Turinabol – methandrostenolone, but without fluid retention in the body. This property acquired drug, due to its low androgenic activity that allows you to not fear pobochek characteristic of more powerful drugs such as testosterone.

The drug raises great strength and muscle mass in the rate of weight gain, though Turanabol loses methane, but as the muscles can give Metakhim odds.

Choosing Turinabol as a first course, you can expect to increase about 5-6 kg. Quality muscle mass, and add that reviews of Turinabol indicate the ability of the drug to burn fat, which is one of the most valuable qualities in the process of preparing for a competition. I would add that the drug was originally used in speed-strength sports, bodybuilding same drug came much later, later.

Turinabol at the time created a furor in the United States, appearing on the market, soon became almost the number one steroid.

Turinabol course for beginners

You decided to the steroid our camp? Your eyes clouded with an abundance of information on the Internet, and you do not know on what drug to choose. Then Turinabol solo, is a variant of the first course, on a level with methandrostenolone.

Turinabol Course advantages:

  • substantial increase in power performance
  • a set of “pure” muscle
  • It does not retain water
  • moderately suppresses testosterone production
  • burns fat

Turanabol how to make?

Naturally, you can buy Turinabol in our online store, at the best price.

Having a long-awaited package, I would have taken 40 -50 mg. Turinabol on the day, breaking the daily dose of 2 admission. One morning, three times in 10 hours after the first. It would take 20 minutes. before eating, drinking plenty of water. I took the drug for six weeks. And after the course I would propyl tamoxifen for 3 weeks at 20 mg., Per day, and Jal would be the next course, which I combined the Turik with some testosterone propionate. Very good as a bunch Turinabol 50mg. per day, and 400 mg of boldenone. in Week. This combination will allow you to gain the most by the dry muscle mass. Some people recommend to combine Turanabol and stanazolol, but I would have recommended this categorically, has a negative experience of this reception, as I write below. More advanced schemes courses using Turanabol (turanabola), you can find in our store, by writing to us at one of the contacts.

Turanabol reviews and side effects

“Personally, my first experience with steroids falls exactly on the course Turinabol.” Hell “wanting to dry under the influence of the video is not bezizvestnogo chemist Vadim Daughters I decided kursonut. During my shoulders lay 3 years of natural training and some, pretty not bad results . Although, I will not play the hypocrite and say that more or less serious training accounts for only a year.

I, your humble servant, made the same mistakes that will make absolutely all the young kachatsya in pursuit of the cherished muscular figure.

So having 3 years of experience and about 90 kg. weight in 2009 I bought two packages Turanabol much as 400 UAH., as I remember, the money Turik I took the credit card and looked forward to a treasured parcel. Wildly nervous and expecting kidalovo. After all, the money went to the WebMoney purse of 100% prepayment. And in fact as such has not been the store was Skype address, through which all were in talks to buy the cherished Farm.

To the credit of the seller and to my great joy all come. I should add that in addition to Turik, dealer – “nedoguru” fitness, I was recommended to take even stanazolol … What was recommended in the “wild” doses: 50 mg camp. Turik and 50 mg. in a day. This is after a while, I realized what was lohom, and then without thinking I loaded a 100 mg. oralki during the day … What was my surprise and disappointment when on the second day the drugs I woke up at night with a wild pain in the right upper quadrant … I was very scared and panic swept up in the brain thought, “What should I do? Here and dokursilsya. I probably Khan. All of them. I will not take anything immediately cancel “… How was without panties, I ran to pisishniki opening the contact group, where I was offered this bunch.

With shaking hands, I stuffed my question on the keyboard, and a wave of panic rolled on me with renewed vigor. Pretty soon, I was told I was told that my misfortune will help pharmaceutical drug Glutargin and choleretic drug Holosas. I bought the whole thing, and zayuzat … A few hours later I felt better and I went on a course of light showers. I scored this course is not much, about 4 kg. Due to the fact that while not fed regularly, because the work was fussy. But in the power he gained considerably. Basic exercises to + 40 kg. ”

The moral “of the story” is as follows:

It is not necessary to use two oral medications at the same time. Always consult on combining drugs with someone who understands this. Our consultant, for example.

Buy Turanabol Balkans, you can at a reasonable price in our online store sports pharmacology Pharma

How to take Turinabol|Turinabol online

How to take Turinabol a solo in the first year

Turinabol – an anabolic and androgenic steroid, the chemical name – hlorodegidrometiltestosteron. By their nature, close enough to methandrostenolone. Form release Turinabol – pills. The main difference from the classic ‘meta’ is the presence of additional chlorine atoms on the fourth carbon. For the first time the drug has been developed Josephamr – German pharmaceutical company, in 1961. Also found under the names steroid Turinover, Turanabol, Turamoth and some others.

Turinabol buy online

It was developed as a means of line anabolic and androgenic agents in East Germany since the 60s of the last century. At that time the Germans had created an entire group of highly steroids and yelled Turinabol was one of them. We produce it to obtain a mixed version of oxandrolone and methandrostenolone, which would have sufficient anabolic effect and a low probability of occurrence of adverse reactions.

The steroid profile

  • Anabolic effect – 180% of testosterone.
  • Androgenic effect – 50% of the testosterone.
  • The level of conversion into estrogen – low.
  • Impact on the axis hypothalamic-pituitary-testes – moderately low.
  • The level of impact on the liver – is highly toxic.
  • Product form – pill.
  • Duration – 16 hours.
  • The period of detection of doping control – up to 250 days after the last dose.

Turinabol steroid profiles suggests means as effective enough to increase lean muscle mass, with a low probability of occurrence of side effects. Unlike testosterone, which is rarely used alone, the course solo “Turik” is quite popular – especially among the newcomers. This is one of the safest anabolic and androgenic steroids. Oral Turinabol in small doses is used even by women. With regard to the competing athletes, the fact that the reception of the AAS can be installed up to 250 days after the cancellation rate (for long-lived fat soluble metabolites). There are special masking agents, but they do not give a 100% guarantee. Every professional athlete taking steroids at your own risk. Details

The effects from taking Turinabol

  • Action turinabolaPribavka lean muscle mass. As to how much you can gain, the figure of 4-6 kg of muscle quality 4-6 week solo course, if consumed in high doses Turinabol, looks quite realistic.
  • The increase in power performance.
  • Increased stamina.
  • Lack of estrogenic responses.
  • Reducing the concentration of SHBG – binding globulin sex hormone.
  • Increased levels of free testosterone in the blood.
  • The protection of the cardiovascular system (reduced risk of clot formation in the heart and blood vessels).

As mentioned above, the preparation can be characterized as methandrostenolone without fluid retention. The effect of receiving Turinabol has a delayed effect. During the course of the main indicators are progressing rather slowly, but they are high quality. Moreover, the decrease in the concentration of binding globulin sex hormone, increases the effectiveness of other AAS on the course. Professional courses on mass is usually used in combination c Turinabol other steroids.

How to take Turinabol

The optimum dosage of the steroid was determined in the GDR during the preparation of athletes for the Olympic Games. Studies have shown sufficient effect with a minimal risk of side effects at 20-40 milligrams per day. As to how to take Turinabol tablets, the daily dosage is divided into three equivalent reception. Why is this done? First, you balance hormones, avoiding peaks and lows, and, secondly, significantly reduces the burden on the liver. Recommended rules are not always respected, and bodybuilders often increase the amount of 100-150 milligrams per day.

Course Turinabol solo

It should be said at once that it is impossible to determine the optimal dosage without data on the physiological indicators of an athlete, his experience in the use of anabolic and androgenic steroids, the ultimate goals and other factors. The first course Turinabol is recommended to begin after the date of analysis and consultation with a specialist. The optimum dosage Turinabol for inexperienced athletes do not exceed 40 mg. As for skiers, boxers, athletes and all those who are focused primarily on endurance, then it is enough to drink, and 10-20 milligrams. Duration of the course is about 6 weeks – that is enough to obtain quality results (increase of speed and power performance and increase muscle mass) without causing side effects. Reviews freshman Turinabol solo speak of it as a safe means to achieve substantial progress results.

Combined courses

Combined kursyDlya set of muscle mass Turinabol is often combined with testosterone enanthate. The “Turik” take 20 milligrams daily, and the “test” – 250 mg per week. The duration of a mixed course is 6 weeks, with the first stop enanthate injection, and a week later – Turinabol reception. In 2012, we invented new methods of detection of steroid. The so-called method of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry allows to “catch” the drug for 250 days after the cancellation of the course.

FCT after the course

FCT held after the course Turinabol estrogen receptor blockers. For example, tamoxifen. Thus itself steroids are usually not accompanied by the use of gonadotropin or antiestrogens. With minor dosage and duration of the course and 6 weeks aftertreatment therapy can often be neglected.

Side effects

Since Turinabol is 17-alpha-steroid alkillirovannym (which prevents the destruction of the active ingredient during passage through the liver), it is toxic. The extent of the damage can be compared to methandrostenolone. In principle, the liver is the main and almost the only real negative reaction. Side effects from Turinabol – a rarity, and to “kill” your body steroid data, it is necessary to try very much. The most common problem in athletes, completely ignoring regulations that give instructions for use, as well as the advice of your doctor. If you exceed the duration of the course and the dosage may be a significant inhibition of secretion of testosterone, the development of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction. However, for 5 years, the practice of using steroids, controlled studies, has been found only one case of severe side effects.

Manufacturers Turinabol

The steroid is very popular, and is produced by almost all pharmaceutical companies. Perhaps the most popular brands in the domestic market are Balkan Pharmaceuticals and Vermodje (Moldova). As for the “good” of the European mission, then the market can be found yelling Turinabol on Yenafarm (Germany). Its price is higher. You can also select products Lyka Labs, Pharmacom, British Dispensary and British Dragon. Discussion drugs from most manufacturers can be found on our forum. Details

Reviews Turinabol

As to what a company has better reviews of Turinabol, among the domestic market leader by a considerable margin Balkan Pharmaceuticals. Moldovan manufacturer of steroid offers quality at the lowest prices. Given the low cost steroid, athletes often perform training using the AAC.

Description and reviews of Turinabol on the course solo talk about the absence of side effects with slow, but qualitative growth of power-speed performance and muscle mass. Women are also often used by steroid, and virtually none of the fair sex does not complain about the occurrence of adverse reactions. Professional athletes celebrate the feasibility of using Turinabol in combination with testosterone enanthate on massonabornyh courses. In conclusion, I would like to say that the effect of any pharmaceutical is unique to each organism, and without practical application is impossible to accurately determine the response.

Preparations based Turinabol

Manufacturer Name
Alpha Pharma Turinabol
Axio Labs Turanaplex
Balkan Pharmaceuticals Turanabol
BodyPharm Turanabol
British Dispensary Turanabol
British Dragon Pharmaceutical Turanabol
G-Tech Pharmaceuticals Turinotabs
Golden Dragon Turhoged
Lyka Labs Turinadrol
Pharmacom Labs Turinabolos
Radjay Pharmaceuticals Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Vermodje Turinover
Zhengzhou Pharmaceuticals Turinabol